Heated grips

suprhtr at columbus.rr.com suprhtr at columbus.rr.com
Wed Dec 19 05:04:38 MST 2007

I used Dual-Star:


Very inexpensive.  They recommend epoxy between the heaters and the grips to improve heat transfer but I haven't found it to be necessary on either of my bikes.  Also, and others will confirm this, the "Low" setting is usually as much as you need.  They put out lots of heat when set on "High".  I did wrap them with a thin layer of electrical tape to keep them tight to the bars when reinstalling the grips.

They are currently powered from the headlight circuit, which I don't like.  I have a headlight relay kit that I'm installing this winter to power the headlights directly off the battery (with larger wire!) which will eliminate the dimming that occurs when the heaters are on.

Paul in Ohio

---- S hampson <shampson at beeb.net> wrote: 
> Have you guys any recommendation on heated grips, from experience of
> quality, ease of fitting, controllability, etc

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