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Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Mon Dec 24 20:16:38 PST 2007

Merry Christmas to all you gents.  To those I usually send Christmas 
cards to, I offer an apology as I didn't send any this year.  Instead, 
I'm in the midst of a divorce and will spending my Christmas home alone 
packing to move out.

All is not sad, however, as there is a replacement in the works who is 
younger, better looking, owns guns, rides motorcycles, and can work on 
her own car.  She was my fiancee back in 1982 and we reconnected this 
fall.  She will be moving to Denver in a few months to live with me and 
I'm certainly not complaining as I am looking forward to starting over.

What this means to you gents out there, is that I will be selling off my 
large parts stash rather than move it.  And yes, I could use the money 
for attorney's fees, rent and deposit on a place to live, etc...  I'll 
be listing everything soon (the GPZ is NOT for sale) and will take best 
offers so that those on digest get a chance.  I've got a new red gas 
tank, right side lower with a nearly invisible crack, starter, 
generator, brakes, etc.

I might have to sell my 2003 WR450 too, but we'll see how it goes with 
the soon to be ex.  So far she wants me to stay around to help repaint 
the house and do some other stuff and is aware of the ex/current fiancee 
coming to Denver.  She's of course not happy, but we had 23 years to get 
it right and didn't so there is no one to blame but ourselves.  At least 
the kids are totally cool about it and understand.

Anyway, I'm very happy this Christmas and hope all of you have a great one.

Charles S.
95 GPZ1100
03 WR450
99 KX250
62 Brunette

The Masons wrote:
>Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, or what ever you're into.\
>The Mason's--Jim, Marilyn, Liz, Jamie, Lindsay, Will, Eric & the dogs 
>Cooper & Maddie
> .

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