Annual pledge drive, 2nd & final notice

H. Marc Lewis marcl at
Fri Feb 2 08:59:14 PST 2007

This is the second and last posting you will receive on this subject
until 2008.  Once each year since I solicit contributions for the upkeep
of (which runs this electronic mailing list, assorted Web 
pages and services).

Micapeak provides free services to the motorcycling community, including
supporting dozens of mailing lists, processing millions of mail messages
and Web page hits each month.  There are a number of other services
offered, including the M/C Yellow Pages (with over 3,400 entries), the M/C
Registries (now with almost 25,000 bikes registered), photo archives, trip
reports, and general information about the sport of motorcycling.  Micapeak
also provides Web hosting for a number of M/C related sites like,, an R1200GS Website and forum, a BMW-GS site,
the Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts Website, the Washington Motorcycle 
Roadracing Association, the Northwest YSR-50 Enthusiasts, etc. 

Although I can cover the expenses out of my own pocket, I know that some of
the folks for whom this mailing list is an important part of their life are
willing to show their appreciation with a modest donation. I encourage you
to think of it as you would a magazine subscription. If you get as much
enjoyment, and/or spend as much time here as you do reading a magazine
subscription, then please consider contributing something. 

Please also understand that Carl and I will continue to operate even if no one contributes a penny.  There is no obligation to
contribute anything on your part and you'll continue to get your micapeak
stuff for free.  

Contributions (in US dollars, if the contribution is monetary) can be made
in two ways.  The less-desirable method is to send your check to: 

    H. M. Lewis
    c/o Micapeak.Com
    PO Box 14755
    Spokane, WA 99214

The PREFERRED WAY is to use PayPal ( to make your 
donation directly to: marcl at [PayPal uses email addresses as
customer IDs]

Thanks in advance! 


Let's not make this a topic of discussion on the mailing list, OK?
Contribute or don't, as it suits you, but I have neither the time nor
the energy to discuss the subject further than what you see above.
And I'm sure your fellow subscribers would rather not have the mailing
list itself cluttered with more than this notice on the subject.

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