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Art Lischer alisch80 at
Mon Feb 12 15:20:02 PST 2007

I'm half way through my second set.  First set lasted around 8k miles.  
No cupping on front but I usually run 44/42 to help prevent cupping.  I 
had them at the last Durango rally.  I like them, the front has a more 
rounded profile than others; makes it steer a little harder at slow 
speeds and turn in isn't as quick but they are rock solid down the road 
which there is alot of here is corn land.  I still may try something 
else next time just to get experience but I like the PRs.

Had Avon 45/46 before but didn't like the front tire; funky tread 
pattern made the front twitchy.  they have since changed the front tire 
with the new Storm series so I might go back because the 45/46 had a 
little more stick than the PRs and lasted just as long.

depending how much I ride this spring I will be about at the end of my 
current PRs life cycle by Durango time.  So you might get to see/ride 
them towards the end if I still have them on.

Good Luck

Art in DM

scapco at wrote:
> Anyone see the writeup on the GPZ on  
> They give it pretty good reviews and the customer 
> satisfaction is 97%.
> On another note, has anyone tried the Michelin Pilot Roads 
> and how did you like them?  I'm looking for something like 
> the D205's for tread life.  I've got a couple of ideas for 
> a sticky set.
> Charles
> S.

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