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Julian Solomensky jsolo at
Tue Feb 20 21:52:20 PST 2007

Hello D,

Get a few extra master links.

FIrst time I did it I busted 3 master links before I got it right.

Also went through 2 pins in the tool.

2nd time around (30 or 35K miles later) I got it right the first time.

I got my motion pro tool from jc whitney.. It was $90 or so at the time.  This is the fancy deluxe tool.

The last chain I got came with special removable spacers that went in the link to protect the rubber xrings.  After you press/peen the pins, you remove the spacers.

I got  a EK 530 ZVX chain last time from ebay.  $150 shipped.  For stock fitment you need 112 links.  I got the 120 link and broke it to the size needed.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007, 11:43:16 PM, you wrote:

> Hey gang,

> I have a new chain and rivet link on order.  I would like to do the rivet
> link myself instead of taking it to the stealership.  Anyone out there have
> a riviet tool they would like to loan me? (or sell for a bargin price).  Any
> wisdom on dos and don'ts for this project?

> Thanks

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