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Wed Feb 21 09:09:01 PST 2007

Hey guys!
I too, am in lurk mode these days.  Not doing much riding-equipment not up to spec, needs work and I'm still way busy with work.  I am however, looking forward to meeting the real people behind the screen names when I (hopefully) attend Durango this time around.  I have "permission"  from my latest "keeper"...  I'm sure she'd love to read that!  Anyway, sure miss riding and will ride again soon.
Regards a slow List rapport lately: oh well.  Hang in there folks...
Hasta lumbago!
Ron Jordan
Altadena, CA high miler 
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Don't forget all, we leave my house for Durango 4 months from today. I should have some details on lodging and such in a few days. :-) 
Charles S. 
Julian Solomensky wrote: 
> Still alive here in chicago too. 
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