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Wed Feb 21 18:19:31 PST 2007

Hey Art and the rest of yew scurvy dogs...!
Haven't reached out to Bareman in a long time, and haven't heard from him either.  I'll try to find my last e-mail or phone number from him, and give him a shout.  I remember him fondly, with his irreverent banter, bordering on...(?) Hey, what borders?  In fact, where are your badges?  Don't tell me you don't need no steenkin' badges.... LOL!  Kiddng guys.  Also, remembering how our List had some crazed banter now and then.  What, evvver...!  As the Valley girls out here say so well.
I'm so close to going in to a "stealer"ship and signing up for a ZX 14 Concours, but alas, (in a whisper) WOMEN DO RULE THE PLANET!  There's no hell like a pissed offwoman, pissed because you didn't consult her on that big ticket purchase, there matey!!!
Please overlook the ravings of a wannabe Bareman...!
Come on guys, send it back in spades.  Spark up the List!
Just ordered some BT014's for ol' red, and soon to order my new sprockets and chain.  She will ride again!
Ron Jordan
Altadena, CA 
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Yep! This one is shaping up to be one for the record books folks! What hear ye from Oh Wise One from the West....Barry? He gonna show for this one? Art in DM 
scapco at wrote: 
> I was thinking more like a mattress stuffed full of onions > or used GPZ parts. ;-) 
> Charles S. 
> >> I can imagine--a gunny sack filled with old steam >> radiators and Tonka trucks. 
>> Jim 
>> > 
> >>> I promise the couch will be gone and something better in >>> it's place. ;-) 
>>> Charles S. 
>>> > 
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