New Year, new ride...

andy burkard andyburkard at
Tue Jan 2 08:49:06 PST 2007

well, sort of.

I did the much talked about LSL / ZRX handle bar
conversion and am a happy camper.  After a festive new
year's eve event, managed to drag my but out of bed at
7:30, and start the day with a ride up to Mosquito
Ridge bright and early - well, it was nearly 9 by the
time i got out.

roads were dry, temps in the low 30's, but with the
electrics connected i was quite toasty.  As I got up
to 2500 ft, I encountered several icy spots so ended
up giving up on mosquito ridge  after about the first
100 turns or so (about 4-5 miles or so).

I must say, I do like the bar set up.  I've had the
genmar's and the LSL / ZRX set up allows for much more
leverage which makes the turns a breeze.  I didn't get
around to repairing the fork seals over the break -
perhaps i'll spring for the cartridge emulators and
finally get around to doing the zx9r rear shock that's
been collecting dust...  I think I can easily put off
the urge for a compulsive zx10r purchase for at least
another year (me hopes - though the $9999 out the door
price sure was tempting).

hoping you all get your new year off to a great start!

andy b

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