clutch master cylinder

S Young sid.young at
Tue Jan 2 12:44:30 PST 2007


A few things to try, first loosen the calliper bled nipples and see if
you can squeeze any fluid out. If the M/C wont move then just strip it
down and clean it out...chances are its got some gunk built up some
where. How old is it and when was the fluid last replaced and the
system bled?

Brakes are really easy to service and master cyclinders are usually
easy to strip clean and rebuild (most often without a kit if the seals
are still good).


On 1/3/07, Dave Daniels <dwaynedaniels at> wrote:
> Question for the experts: As you've already heard, I'm redoing my clutch. Well, I reached up to grab the clutch lever last night to find out that the dang thing will not depress. Question is, is this something that would happen when the clutch is disassembled? I can't see why. Looks like I may need a new master cylinder now. What else!?


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