Wilbers group buy now 15% off! All bikes welcome!!

Bob Sims bob.sims at us.army.mil
Tue Jan 2 13:37:06 PST 2007

I remembered Utah Jeff's previous offer of the Wilbers shock group buy.
Although I don't need any of the components offered, and I don't know much
about Wilbers reputation, I thought I'd pile on by saying these are some
_really_ good prices for what appear to be quality suspension components.

The only comparable shocks with GPZ-specific fitments that I know of are the
US-made Works Performance (aside from the unobtanium Ohlins).  WP's
comparable shocks to the Wilbers models below would be $132 USD and $151 USD
more expensive, respectively, than the group buy prices.  I've had the WP
UltraSport rear shock for a long time.  It is similar in specs to the
Wilbers Model 641, and it currently retails for $829 USD.

Not affiliated, etc.

> Model 640 - emulsion type shock with adjustable rebound 
> damping (22 clicks) and threaded pre-load = $ 516.00 (About 
> $438 group buy)
> Model 641 - reservoir shock (hose mounted reservoir) with 
> high and low speed compression damping (22 clicks each), 
> rebound damping (22 clicks) and threaded pre-load = $ 798.00 
> (about $678 group buy)

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