Non-GPz, winter??

J. Mason masonjs at
Sat Jan 6 16:22:22 PST 2007

This is the strangest winter I've ever seen in the Ottawa Valley (eastern
Ontario Canada).  I should be crotch deep in snow with temperatures in
the -20°C - -30°C (0° - to - 25°  USofA).  It was 10°C (45°F) today with a
lot of rain as I took down the Christmas dectorations. There should be sleds
(snowmobiles) and shanties ( ice fishing huts) on the lake across the road
from my house but there are guys out trolling in boats. They do have serious
warm weather gear on but the boats should be sitting on nearly a metre
(yard) of ice right now.
No motorcycles out today probably due to: 1. the driving rain off and on all
day and 2. the load of residual salt left from clearing the ice from the
freezing rain January 1st.
Tomorrow I'm taking out a dirt bike (not normally an option here in January
unless the tires are studded).  I was debating on going fishing but I know
with my luck just as I'd be taking the boat out of the water a cold snap
would come through and freeze the water left in the water pump and I would
have a 3 hour job with $200.00 in parts if I'm lucky.
I do appreciate driving to work on clear dry roads though.


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