Non-GPz, winter??

J. Mason masonjs at
Sun Jan 7 14:43:39 PST 2007

I was in Westmeath at the cottage.  There were a couple of boats out on the
shoals upstream of Hen Island fishing.  I got out on my 1975 Honda XL250
this afternoon.  With fuel injection it starts on or about the 3rd kick even
in cold weather. I rode it down to check a coupl e of cottages belonging to
in - laws and then around a 100 acre farm across the road.  Put a couple of
wolves off a dead cow so I went and told Bruce (the farmer) about them.  Had
a good time on the bike for about 35 km but didn't have the gear for + 5°C
(40°F).  Can't believe this weather, kind of feel a little sorry for the ski
hill operators and the guys who just blew $14,000.00 for a new sled.  But I
like driving on dry, ice free roads, especially for the months of December
and January when I have to commute 80 km (50 miles) morning and afternoon in
the dark.

Jim with 65 more working days until retirement

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