NOS Corbin seat from ebay

John Soliday johnsoliday at
Wed Jan 10 17:29:44 PST 2007

Got my corbin seat from ebay today, looks great.  This truly is NOS, as the
date of manufacture on the bottom is 1996 !!!  The dealer told me I have a
warranty what with buying it from them, but who knows.  It probably cost
less than $185 back when they bought it (and didn't sell it) but it is worth
$299 today so what the hay.  I'd still like to get a set of mounting
brackets either alone or with a trashed OEM seat, so I can switch between
the Corbin and my stock seat for awhile.  Anybody got either they want to
part with ?  It looks to have been in the box since 96, no sun fade or
anything like that so I'm going to add some nice mink oil to it and break it
in nicely and provide a riding report as soon as the 40+" of snow leaves my
neck of the woods in Boulder, CO.  



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