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Yes this is a common source of noise along with the cam chain tensioner.
But the gold flakes in the oil is only explained by plain bearing
damage.  On this motor usually # 3 connecting rod big end. The Craig's
list bike sounds like a real good possibility.  I don't know your
location relative to the bike or it's condition.  The motor or possibly
the whole bike could work out for you.  People here or on gpzbbs will be
interested in body and gpz specific spares, ZRX 1100 people will be
interested in the head and cams from the old motor, plus the engine
covers from the side that's unmarked, possibly transmission. The
switches and controls will fit just about any large kawasaki made in the
last 15 years. You should be able to recoup a few hundred dollars of
your expense, but the pia factor goes up.

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You guys are probably getting tired of hearing from me, but I have
another question if you'd humour again. I was reading the manual this
evening trying to get an idea of the job ahead of me if I try and repair
the bike. I came across a section talking about the alternator chain and
tensioner and guide. It says that if the rubber edging or lip on the
guide is cut, torn or damaged in any way, to replace the guide. When I
was in there doing the clutch, I noticed that the rubber edging on that
guide is actually missing for about an inch and a half in length and I
chose (poorly) to ignore it, thinking there was still enough of a lip
there. Question is, would that have any noise-causing effect? Thanks
again for your indulgence.
  Dave D

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