valve adjustment

Jay Loeppke jloeppke at
Sat Jan 13 17:54:30 PST 2007

Another question for all you helpful GPZ owners out there, (You  
helped me through the carbs last time).   I'am checking my valve  
clearance, between the helpful chart, instuctions found on the GPZ  
list and my service manual its going pretty good.  I am a little  
puzzeled though at one point.  I am sure I found TDC for the two  
position to check all valves.  the problems lies with the #4 cylinder  
exhaust valves and #2 intake valves, the positon of the cam lobes do  
not look like there in the right positon and there is no clearance at  
theses points. Every other point makes sense. Other than #2 intake  
valves, all the rest are in tolerance.  all the Exhaust valves are a  
"little" tight (.05-.07mm) with the exception of #4 which is zero.   
So I decided to check another way, and that is by putting the point  
of the cam lobe 180 degrees away from the basket. I checked all this  
way.  All the measurements were the same except for the #2 intake (0  
clearance before) now falls within tolerances like the rest, and the  
# 4 exhaust vales are a "little" tight like the rest also.  What  
should I go by.  Once I decide I will pull the needed shims.
       This bike has 35k and I do not know the history of the so I'am  
going through the bike.



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