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Sat Jan 13 18:53:33 PST 2007

Steve,  Your recommendation is what I did the second time around, I  
felt it was easier to measure this way. Thanks for the feedback, I  
feel that I got a good measurement from your feedback.  If you over  
shoot the position on the lobe why can't you back it up a bit? Does  
it have to do with the shape of the cam on the rocker arm and not  
being able to move smoothly?
On Jan 13, 2007, at 8:35 PM, Steve Northrop wrote:

> When I set my valves, I use the second method you describe, Jay.  
> It's important that the rocker arm be on the base circle of the cam  
> to get accurate clearances. I agree with you that a couple of the  
> rockers look awful close to being on part of the lobe when using  
> the "2 position" method. I turn the engine so the cam lobes on the  
> pair I want to check are opposite the rockers. Then I know for sure  
> I'm on the base circle of the cam before clearance checking. Using  
> this method also allows me to do all the intakes then all the  
> exhausts instead of hopscotching around the cylinder head. It may  
> take a few minutes more but your valve clearances will be more  
> exact. Just remember to always turn the motor forward (counter- 
> clockwise as you look at the engine from the timing cover side). If  
> you overshoot, go around again, don't back it up. And don't forget  
> to take the rag out of the cam chain tunnel opening before putting  
> the valve cover back on. I forgot once, it wasn't pretty.
> Steve in Western NY
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>> Another question for all you helpful GPZ owners out there, (You   
>> helped me through the carbs last time).   I'am checking my valve   
>> clearance, between the helpful chart, instuctions found on the  
>> GPZ  list and my service manual its going pretty good.  I am a  
>> little  puzzeled though at one point.  I am sure I found TDC for  
>> the two  position to check all valves. the problems lies with the  
>> #4 cylinder  exhaust valves and #2 intake valves, the positon of  
>> the cam lobes do  not look like there in the right positon and  
>> there is no clearance at  theses points. Every other point makes  
>> sense. Other than #2 intake  valves, all the rest are in  
>> tolerance. all the Exhaust valves are a  "little" tight (.05-. 
>> 07mm) with the exception of #4 which is zero.   So I decided to  
>> check another way, and that is by putting the point  of the cam  
>> lobe 180 degrees away from the basket. I checked all this  way.   
>> All the measurements were the same except for the #2 intake (0   
>> clearance before) now falls within tolerances like the rest, and  
>> the  # 4 exhaust vales are a "little" tight like the rest also.   
>> What  should I go by.  Once I decide I will pull the needed shims.
>>       This bike has 35k and I do not know the history of the so  
>> I'am going through the bike.
>> thanks,
>> Jay

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