Rickard Olsson richie at webhackande.se
Thu Jan 18 22:41:15 PST 2007

Dave Daniels wrote:

> I can't believe this....


But hey, there's potentially two projects in here for you.

1: Get an engine off eBay and put it in your current bike, restoring it 
to it's former glory.

2: Change the Wreck into something else. A speedy streetfighter, a quick 
quad or a tricked-out trike - whatever floats your boat. Something to 
fiddle with when you feel the tinkerlust, not when you feel you have to. 
Could be lots of fun.

Added bonus - part out any leftovers, like the engine top end (unless 
you want to experiment with it) and parts of the Wreck you don't need.

     / Rickard Olsson

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