Lust in Your Heart

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   Well that thought has occurred to me.. can't beat the value..I haven't figured out what I would replace it with yet. But I don't plan on selling it anytime soon..It does most things I ask it to do, though I would like dirt road capability.. A few weeks back we got on a dirt road in VT which turned to mud about the depth of the tire.. I had visions of mucho $$ for new plastic but fortunately things turned out OK, though I wouldn't wanna repeat it.
 A buddy just traded his SV650 for the Wee Strom..The Wee Strom would be on my list of potentials...

  Pete S
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  Hate to agree with Mason but...The big V-Strom is very interesting as they are relatively cheap used. A local wrecker has been sitting on a salvage FJR13 for about 6 months now that looks easy to repair and is priced at <$4000 .

  Sounds like Pete is in the market for a low mileage Zx11e:

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    Sounds like you're looking for a Goldwing Bob. ;-)
    As for myself, I dunno
    I would never get a new bike because of the depreciation and if I scratched 
    the paint with the tank bag or electrics I would be pissed.
    Much better to commute on a semi beater bike IMHO..

    My criteria would be in order

    1. Light and nimble in the twisties..
    2. Comfortable/smooth for long distance
    3. Good gas mileage..
    4. Around 800-1100cc enough power for me..
    5. Easy to work on.
    6. Plentiful used parts.

    Pete S


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