Lust in Your Heart

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Mon Jan 22 18:08:10 PST 2007

Must have been a little uncomfortable working in those soiled 

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> George,
> We just had our fifth snow storm in the last five weeks, all on the 
> weekends.  I would be glad to share the two feet of ice and snow in my 
> yard that's left over from the December 20th storm and those since.
> I got the crap scared out of me this morning going to work (it's year 
> end).  I was doing about 60 mph going up I-70 in the snow when I hit a 
> patch of black ice and spun my Explorer.  Fortunately I managed to miss 
> both everyone around me and the guard rails and drove away with only my 
> nerves shaken.
> Charles S. - Had enough snow for one winter.
> Barblan wrote:
>> George, Switzerland - no snow and far too warm ...  for now!
>> .

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