Thinking of snow

Steven Bixby steven at
Mon Jan 22 18:24:21 PST 2007

(I accidently sent this out from the wrong email addy, here's a try
from my subscribed address.)

Thinking of snow and ice, have y'all seen this?

This is in Portland, OR, a few days ago.  My sister lives there and
she took about 3:15 to get from her SO's house to her own house that
morning - just 20.5 miles.

Of course, all the sunshiney-state pundits are lampooning drivers in
this video, and I admit some of these drivers were foolish, but the
extent of the ice at that moment was impressive.   Might well as be on
a kid's snow disc as in a car!

I'd just like to see how the sunglasses set handles driving there, and
whether they'll shut up in a hurry!!!

(I grew up in Minnesota and rural northwestern Colorado - I've been on
my share of hockey rinks......  I mean, icy streets.  I understand the
challenge of getting around in slippery conditions all too well.)

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