Lust in Your Heart

Rob Schwartz coldinvt at
Mon Jan 22 19:58:02 PST 2007

For me, the VFR almost did it.  It's super stable but because it's smaller
and has a lower CG, it feels much more nimble, despite similar weight.  It's
not GPZ-fast, but it is more than plenty quick and the V4+VTEC howl is
awesome.  It doesn't eat tires as quickly either.  The Honda hardbags are as
nice as any BMW case and are easier to use.  AFAIC, the VFR is the ultimate
solo sport-tourer.

The reason it doesn't flip the same switch as the mighty GPZ is it's 2up
comfort.  The Corbin saddle on the GpZ has a nice, wide passenger seat and
with the backrest (that I still use with the Viffer) it was quite
comfortable for long 2up days.  The VFR... not so much.  Also, there's less
room for the three of us (her, my "second-trimester" belly and the tankbag).
Bob, I don't know that it'd suit your height, but give one a try.  It's
really good, but not quite great.

And this is all about greatness, right??  I'll take a loaded, "money's no
object" K1200GT.

In reality, it's more likely to be the latest FJR or the Concourse.  I have
NO problem "settling" with either of these fantastic rides...  If need be,
I'll spend about half of the $7000 I'd save on some swanky suspension, a GPS
and a tail trunk.  Oh... and if money's still no object, I'll snag a nice
used SV650 (naked, please) with the other half.

I'm on the edge of my seat to find out what Honda's planning to do with the
next-generation VFR...  If that thing bumped up to 1000cc without gaining
weight... oobaby.  Pete, wanna' buy a slightly used '03VFR? ;-)

Boy, I sure do "blab" a lot for a lurker!


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> OK, we've been having some fun with Bob Sims' feelings of guilt
> and betrayal
> over his beloved GPZ but we all know he's not alone. If you could go out
> right now and trade even-up for any bike out there to replace
> your GPZ, what
> would it be? Remember this would be to replace the GPZ, not in
> addition to
> it. "Anything that runs" is not the answer we're looking for,
> Dave Daniels.
> For me, it would be.............(drum roll please) Aprilia Futura
> RST.
> Steve in Western NY
> '96 GPZ1100
> '02 Daytona 955i
> "You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White

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