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Tue Jan 23 13:03:11 PST 2007

There was a problem with the crashed bike. The seller disappeared and the shipper could not contact him. I'm afraid I sent him a frustrated email and it kind of ticked him off. I just found out that he had to go out of town because a nephew was sick and his laptop was down and his cell phone had no service where he was. So now, since I've ticked him off, he wants to back out of the deal and send my check back. I sent him another email apologizing to him and explaining to him about the bad experience with the clutch and all. I hope he accepts my apology and goes ahead with the deal. We shall see.

dominatr37 <dominatr37 at> wrote:  <Cincinatti had less than 8 minutes left on the auction and the bid was only 
$55 with no reserve. So, I thought, what the hey, I'll throw $75 at it and 
see what happens. Surely somebody will outbid me. Well, to my shock and 
disbelief, nobody else bid and I won the dang thing for $56. Somebody get me 
some water....quick!>>

So what happened to the $1000 crashed bike? Is that coming too? Are you 
going to be our parts house for the forseeable future?

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