Opinions please? (John Spoonemore)

Chris Bowen c_p_bowen at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 31 12:37:59 PST 2007

Personally, I'd go for the two-light setup.  It looks a bit more "badass" and still gives
you a light home if one of 'em dies en route.  You could also run one white and one
yellow to differentiate yourself from the sea of headlights.
My $0.02.
'95 GPZ

> My question is this..
> Of the various streetfighter-type headlight units units out there, I 
> favor either a single big, round "euro-sepc" light and a mildy curved 
> flyscreen, or a two-light setup, each light being 4" in diameter and 
> mounted side by side, again with a flyscreen of some sort.
> What would the general consensus be, regarding which has more appeal 
> (IE..looks better) ?  I'm open either way, and yes, I'm looking, in 
> part, to draw some attention from time to time (when parked only....;-P)
> Thanks all
> Spoone
> -- 

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