Back from the Fandango

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Wed Jul 4 13:48:21 PDT 2007

   Arrived home in CT a little fatigued from the Fandango last night 7,148 miles for the trip. (109,478 on the clock) I spent yesterday checking out backroads in DE/PA and hit the slab in Bloomsburg Pa around 3:30pm last bit of slab was boring, like all slab but especially because it's familiar territory.

   It was great meeting the western contingent and finally putting names to faces. Some great riding and scenery out there, with a great group.. I was hoping to see Buerhle out there, but got the news that he has the Geeper up for sale. Mike ask the ex for forgiveness or whatever it takes - your Geeper's future is at stake for god's sake..

    A big Thanks to Charles for organizing a great ride, and family for putting up with the eastern tourists. I got to use the Scaps garage for an oil change and Charles even offered to loan me wheels for my jaunt around the Rockies . 

    I adjusted my plans as I went. I met the group in Silverton as it gave me an extra day to get there. I was doing 500+ miles per day on back roads, but there was no way I was going to be able meet at Charles's place on Wednesday without a long day in the saddle and cutting out the New Mexico part of the trip. I was planning to head back through the Ozarks but an 11th hour decision (after hearing the Forecast of heavy rain and flooding ) had me heading North to the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota. (thanks for the suggestion Rob). Definitely worth seeing if you haven't seen them. There was a forest fire while I was there, and the road I had planned was blocked. So I had the option of going back or taking a gravel fire road with directions from the Park ranger. I chose the latter and thankfully made it thru without incident as there was no other traffic if I dropped it. I spent a day just visiting these and MT Rushmore - it was good to relax and see some sights as I had no time on the way out to stop and check stuff out. The rest of eastern South Dakota and western Minnassota was just plain boring and was the most slab I did the whole trip. Not even an option to take alternate side roads as they were mostly dirt. The SE part of Minnesota and western Wisconsin was not bad and SE Minnesota reminded me of VT. I followed the Mississippi down thru Illinois crossing back and forth. Stopped near Galena on the way down - quaint old mining town. Then headed down thru Ind to KY checking out towns and cities as I went. I crossed back over to Ohio and then WV up thru MD and PA.

    Some great roads, too numerous to mention them all, and many weren't numbered. Suffice it to say if you live the Appalachians, Ozarks or the Rockies you're in rider heaven.. To mention a couple, for the guys in the Northeast - check out PA 26 between Everett PA and Piney Grove MD. I enjoyed this as much as the famous 555 in Ohio.(which is unpredictable for newbies). Also WV route 7 going into Ohio. (but of course most WV roads are great) and 160 across southern Mo was for the most part good - especially between Doniphan and Alton. These are not necessarily technical like Deals Gap - just good twisty roads, good surface without traffic. I will defer to Charles on the Western roads as he is more able than I to point out some of the awesome roads out there.

Thanks to Charles and Rob for the plaques..

Chuck and Jeff I hope you're both well on the way to recovery..

            Pete Staniforth  

            96 GPZ (in serous need of valve adjustment and cleaning.)

PS. I'm glad to report Steve has modified his compulsive polishing affliction..

Charles... That T shirt is mine but isn't worth the money to ship it. (especially if it's been used as a codpiece) Thanks anyway..

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