Project Rockelle II

Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at
Wed Jul 4 17:33:23 PDT 2007

The plot thickens,
The head light bucket looks wrong. I am thinking to pull the
faring bracket off and I find the throttle cables are routed wrong
and the speedo moves when the forks are turned.
I am curious so- I yank the instrument cluster off to examine it.
Duck tape can not be part of the bill of material on Kawasaki assembly line. 
The title last year indicates 8K miles yet the odometer shows 18K.
Come on,now- 10K in a snow state?   and theh hit a deer and 50mph?
Um, I may be a dumb mick but, I don't think so... what the heck happened?
Any ways the list to replace this front clip is getting longer.
Happy 4th guys!

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