Back from the Fandango

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Thu Jul 5 17:01:18 PDT 2007

    The tires held up well  - still a wee bit of tread left. Though I was 
riding pretty's not a good idea to have a get off a 
long way from home. On another note, one observation was that you would wait 
a long time for a ambulance to arrive in WV, I followed a ambulance, sirens 
blaring, for about 30 miles and he was only able to do 45mph tops, and was 
crossing the double yellas on every corner, They would do much better to 
have first responders on a M/C.
  Avons do last longer than the 205's - that's why I mounted them just 
before leaving. The plains do scrub them square though. I was lying on the 
tank bag to escape the wind buffeting and almost fell asleep from the 
monotony, even though I hadn't been riding that long.. Luckily I came across 
a town where I took a short diversion.
   When I got back to the twisties in KY, OH and WV it wasn't handling well 
at all. I had mean't to bump up the suspension another notch, but kept 
forgettin until I had all my gear mounted and couldn't be bothered to rip it 
all off to access the tools under the seat. When I finally did it - it made 
a huge difference.
     My paintwork took a beating from dust getting under the hardbags. But 
it doesn't owe me anything so I'm not complaining  (too much). If it was a 
new bike it would be different.


> Glad you made it home safe, Pete. I know you were a little worried about
> your tires. What did the Avons look like when you got home?
> Doing my post-Fandango bike clean-up today. Looks like my fairings were 
> sand
> blasted using pea gravel. Sheesh!
> Steve in Western NY
> '96 GPZ1100
> '02 Daytona 955i
> "You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White
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>   Arrived home in CT a little fatigued from the Fandango last night 7,148
> miles for the trip. (109,478 on the clock) I spent yesterday checking out
> backroads in DE/PA and hit the slab in Bloomsburg Pa around 3:30pm last 
> bit
> of slab was boring, like all slab but especially because it's familiar
> territory.

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