bad tranny...

Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at
Thu Jul 5 19:03:22 PDT 2007

Ron Jordon,
  I have a bad engine that's missing the cams, but the tranny is good. Let me know if you're interested.
  Dave Daniels

George Donnelly <zx11e at> wrote:
  Hi Ron!
I'm sorry to say the motor is gone. Having pulled off some parts, the rest 
of it went to the scrap heap. Just got tired of looking at it in my garage. 
Sorry again, man!
George in Salinas

Actually, I'm not in Salinas right now. I'm visiting my girlfriend in 
France (and typing real slow on this frenchie keyboard). That's why I 
couldn't make the rally this year. Alot of bikes and scooters in Nice, some 
I've never even seen in the States.

George, usually in Salinas

Ron Jordan wrote:
Does anyone know where I might find a GPz total wreck?? I only want the 

George Donnelly!? Are you still out there?? I wonder if you still have that 
engine I sold you a
few years back.? If so, I would buy it back.

My 4th and (mostly) 5th gears are really in poor shape.? Today on a spirited 
run up on Angeles
Crest Highway, my rear end got sideways and? ol' red almost tossed me off, 
because while running
moderately strong in 4th gear, it came out of gear, went down to 3rd, 
engaged and that broke
loose my rear tire.? Pretty scary.? I didn't think to just pull in the 
clutch, and now since,
that's what' I'm doing.? But!? I really need a more reliable tranny under 

Can't afford a new bike right now.? If the cost/hassle of getting a wreck 
and doing the
transmission work are too much, maybe I'll buy someone's good shape GPz.


Ron Jordan

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