Drop the forks?

andy burkard andyburkard at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 09:42:32 PDT 2007

agree with scapps on this one...  hey charles, i think
the only difference between my ride and yours is color
- though you keep adding black bits to yours...

LSL + ZRX bar set up, fork tubes about 1/4" above the
triple clamp, 47 tooth rear sprocket with the wheel
all the way forward, cartridge emulators, pilot
roads...  set up wise, i think we're close - and yes,
it's finally comfortable for the old fart.

andy b

--- scapco at ecentral.com wrote:

> Mark,
> I'll echo Sheepman's comments and add that you can
> indeed 
> drop the forks some with the LSL setup, I've got
> mine 
> dropped slightly.  Another way to make it turn in
> faster is 
> to shorten the wheelbase.  If you're not already
> running a 
> 47 tooth rear sprocket, install one.  It forces the
> rear 
> axel all the way forward which in conjunction with
> dropping 
> the forks slightly shrinks the wheelbase by close to
> an 
> inch and will make for quicker handling.  Add good
> fresh 
> tires and it's going to turn as well as a GPZ can.
> Charles S.
> >On 7/9/07, Mark Reckinger
> <marque at battlefoundry.net> wrote:
> >I'm currently running LSL bars, a Koni rear shock
> and 
> >Michelin Pilot Roads if that's relevant. Any input 
> >appreciated, it may save me $6800 or so.

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