Drop the forks?

Barblan barblan at gmx.ch
Tue Jul 10 13:36:59 PDT 2007


I agree on everything Charles has said!
I just changed to a 47 tooth rear sprocket since I had to change my 
first ! chain after 47'060 km.
(Front sprocket was pretty much down!)

Handling is a lot better in the curves and there is more low end torque!
As to the 02 Sprint ST: same conclusions as you a couple of moths ago: 
could be a successor!

Drive safely!

George. Switzerland
Black Geeper, now with a DC QX chain


I'll echo Sheepman's comments and add that you can indeed
drop the forks some with the LSL setup, I've got mine
dropped slightly. Another way to make it turn in faster is
to shorten the wheelbase. If you're not already running a
47 tooth rear sprocket, install one. It forces the rear
axel all the way forward which in conjunction with dropping
the forks slightly shrinks the wheelbase by close to an
inch and will make for quicker handling. Add good fresh
tires and it's going to turn as well as a GPZ can.

Charles S.

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