GPZ on ebay, What a moron! IMHO

Bill Magitz corbie at
Thu Jul 12 13:54:20 PDT 2007

Can I hear $4.5k for my 95 no? how about $4k no? man you people drive a hard bargain .....sold to Mr. Harleyman for $5k

yeah fer real good luck getting $5k and if ya say there's damage show it in the pix why post 11 of them and harley show any of the damage. that's what honest sellers do .well I'll be watching this one just to see what the reserve is and if he'll get at least that..

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> Subject: GPZ on ebay, What a moron! IMHO
> Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 19:23:01 GMT
> Okay, I shouldn't have a laugh at someone else's expense,
> but this is too good.  Check out the 96 GPZ on ebay, item #
> 170129692095.  The seller's name is "Harleyboy which
> explain's a lot.
> His buy it now is $5,000.  The bike has $25K on it, comes
> with no extras except a dented V&H pipe, has been down on
> the right side, and has dents in the gas tank from the
> handlebars hitting it.  LOL!!!  I say good luck getting
> that $5K!
> Charles
> S.


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