Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at
Fri Jul 13 09:38:41 PDT 2007

Orange! I don't want to ride above my skill level.!

David Beard <davidebeard at> wrote:        Remember, you can always step up to ORANGE! ;-)
 That is, of course, if you can handle the speed....
 Jerry Clair wrote: of course, I want a fast bike!
 Better red than dead! 
   David Beard <davidebeard at> wrote:    Jerry,
 I would think any quality gray primer would be fine since you are 
 putting down a base coat color (silver), top coat color (red) and clear     
 coat. Youare still painting her red, right?
 Dave B
 Jerry Clair wrote:
 > Yes, I know the paint specs, but what about the primer color?
 > Anybody?

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