Rockelle II

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Fri Jul 13 11:16:46 PDT 2007

One ebay in the UK 230112339949 probably be about $100 with shipping. I
thinks theres one ebay germany as well I'll have a look


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does anyone have HEAD LIGHT for sale? new $250 geeze.

Dave Daniels <dwaynedaniels at> wrote: Yeah, you can get them by
themselves. I bought some when I took the pan off my old engine. Don't know
if you can get them at autozone though. I checked around here and couldn't
find the right size. I wound up ordering them from

Jerry Clair <darkclarity2k at> wrote:  DD
Ah! do the sell them by themselves? cool. autozone here
I come. I need to replace those bigger hex tools fro autozone
anyways. (The intruder neighbor never return them, b*stard)
Oh, by the way My buddy with the 700 intruder finally put
a back tire on and she's running awesome now too.

Dave Daniels wrote: Sounds like maybe a new crush washer may be in
order...hopefully that's all it is.

Jerry Clair wrote: DD
I maybe calling it wrong but, it's the hose from the cooler
to the  pan. I am assuming it's the return feed.
Where it goes into the pan, the hose fitting is crimped
onto the hose but, like any oil leak, it's difficult to spot.
I am hoping it's not the pan gasket.
Dave Daniels wrote: Not sure what you mean by return hose crimp.

Jerry Clair wrote: Dave and my other brother Dave,
I've run some cleaner trough the fuel system and it has minimized the
studd-dering problem. Next I'm taking her
to a guy named Dority who worked on my buddies
champion drag bike. I think he can sort out the
the jets better than I can. I asked him about getting the
pods and he said "Lets see what you bought first"
I found the oil leak, it's the return hose crimp...
As far as the paint, the painter wants to cut a line on the
bottom with black and maybe a fade decal. We are
considering black vee stripe in the front so I can have
a faster black and red all over machine to catch up to the
Orange or the blue guys  too! 

David Beard wrote: Yeah, well now that I got the pods on and got 'er tuned
up, you just 
wait! :-)

Dave Daniels wrote:
> I rode his Jerry and it just FEELS like your smokin'...even sitting still
> Jerry Clair wrote: Orange! I don't want to ride above my skill level.!
> David Beard wrote: Remember, you can always step up to ORANGE! ;-)
> That is, of course, if you can handle the speed....
> Jerry Clair wrote: of course, I want a fast bike!
> Better red than dead! 
> David Beard wrote: Jerry,
> I would think any quality gray primer would be fine since you are 
> putting down a base coat color (silver), top coat color (red) and clear 
> coat. Youare still painting her red, right?
> Dave B
> Jerry Clair wrote:
>> Yes, I know the paint specs, but what about the primer color?
>>  Anybody?

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