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In Beautiful BC we have ICBC (Insurance Corporation of BC ).
All basic automotive insurance has to be purchased from them.  You can get
your optional coverage through third party insurers.

The GPz cost me $600 for six months of coverage this year.  That is after
40%+ safe drivers discounts and does NOT include any compressive or
collision.  Adding the last two more than doubles the cost per year even if
big deductibles are used.

More than 25 years of riding and no claims (knock wood!). It is frustrating
paying so much to cover the mistakes of so many others (on two or more

I have taken every course offered by the BC Safety Council (Canada Safety
Council) rider training programs as a student, some a few times just for the
practice and challenge.  Was an instructor of the same programs for more
than 10 years.  Have taught military and police agencies as well as
corporate and public.

I know part of the problem here at least is when a motorcycle is in an
accident or stolen, 80%+ of the time they are written off.  Either too much
damage or striped of all the expensive parts.  The cost to repair versus
replacement is just to high.  Look at the cost of plastics only on our GPz's
before decals, body and paint work, etc..  Ouch!.

Paul W. Landry
p_landry at

From: Buehrle, Michael [mailto:Michael.Buehrle at] 

Part of the reason we pay so much in Canada is we're req'd to have 1 mil.$
min. liability and in the Ontario jurisdiction the insurance cos. are
obliged to pay a weekly stipend of starting at 400$ + expenses even if you
were unemployed before becoming disabled in the accident. That's their
excuse for the insane premiums here but in reality the insurance rarely pays
out without years of court battles.

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$360 a year for full coverage (100/300/100 with uninsured motorist coverage)
with State Farm.

Charles S.

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