new Shoei RF1000 helmet

Bob Sims bob.sims at
Tue Jul 17 13:42:01 PDT 2007


I recently purchased a new Shoei RF1000 helmet in bright yellow.  Along with
my orange Buell and my Hi-Viz Darien jacket, my conversion to uber-geek is
nearly complete...

I have been a long-time Shoei fan due to the large, moon-pie shape of my
head.  The RF1000, though, seems to be an even better version of the RF
series.  I don't know if it's the spoiler strip on the back or what, but
this is by far the quietest and "smoothest" Shoei yet.  It is very
comfortable and light as well, and has that great "new helmet" smell.  It is
also the first helmet I've worn where I can actually feel the airflow vents
working on the top of the helmet.  I originally wanted to get the modular
Multitec, but I just couldn't find a size that fit me as well as the XL

I got a good price on it ($288.76) from an eBay seller, who I highly
recommed as well -- great prices, and *very* responsive to emails.  I think
they have someone working full-time just managing their eBay sales:

Related:  those with traditionally Arai-shaped (oval) heads might want to
check out the Shoei TZ-R (Raid II in Europe) for a great helmet without the
Arai price or build-quality issues.  Laura reported it's the first Shoei
she's tried that fits her as well as the Arai Profile (Viper GT in Europe),
so it appears to be a Shoei built for the long-oval head shape.  That's
great news for me as well, by about $200.  :-)



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