Rockelle II project stalled

Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at
Tue Jul 17 20:30:02 PDT 2007

At this point I am putting the tank back on #1.
I miss riding too much, the indy ride comming up, 
Jersey Bill wanting to hook this weekend. 
60 hours a week working is killing me too.
I got #2 running, and used seafoam but the low speed jet
is wrong or fecked up. Unless I ride the clutch like a newbie,
and then go like a bat outta hell, the new bike chokes.
yet, almost runs best with the choke on. I looked retarded
do the test runs, and then it blew #1 off the road on the freeway.
(my buddy Danny was riding #1) 

Totally frustrated, but haven't given up. Only a dumb mick
like me would start a project in July. I am going to
switch the plastic back and the head light
mount needs glued and I'm back on to #1.
maybe just to finish off the season. one last kiss...
I should stick to building computers :P

David Beard <davidebeard at> wrote: Hey Jerry,

    What all did you end up moving over to the new bike?


Jerry Clair wrote:
> for what she worth, it looks like I will part out Rockelle I
> The engine is still good with 67k miles on her. So there's one motor...
> Bob Sims  wrote: All,
> A largely rhetorical question...
> Any one know of any used '95-later GPZ1100 engines out there for sale, in
> either the US or Europe?
> A potential buyer for my high-mileage bike is concerned about replacement
> engine availability, if needed in the future.  I'm a bit sympathetic to his
> question, especially consider that he's trying to replace a '88 Ninja 750
> that threw a rod.
> I thought I'd ask for any examples to show "due dillegence" for an
> interested buyer.  FWIW, my asking price is very, very low in consideration
> of the 85K original miles I've put on it -- asking $2500 for bike plus many
> extras and spares, and I would consider much less.
> In general, I've had much better luck with finding GPZ parts via the German
> eBay than the stateside version, so I'll run some traps there as well.
> Many thanks in advance for any responses.
> Bob

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