carb problem?

Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at
Thu Jul 19 09:43:57 PDT 2007

OK, so I'm not the best mechanic, when it comes to carbs.
Bye-bye box. wow, what a pain and poor design. and the
reed valves, really are not like a PVC? I know we just talked about this but whats a good wat to plug it?

So, I yank the suckers off, and found the pilots at 3 turns,
instead of 2 to 2.5 turn, no biggy. Idles great now. The slides
made different sounds from one another and could be smoother.
Diaphrams intact and everything basically very clean.
Still, any acceleration and she bogs to a stall.

So, I'm considering taking the known good carbs off of
bike 1, and test bike 2 even though, the test will not have
the air box and using the muzzy as opposed to the stock
one bike 1. 

I'm considering welding a handle to the darn tank at this point!
Think I should empty the tank first. J/K


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