Concours 14, part 2

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Sun Jul 22 14:52:49 PDT 2007

Well, it's actually possible to buy it here in DK at approximately your 
price - but then it comes without the license plate and you can't ride 
anywhere on it. This is typically done by people who are going to settle 
in another country. They buy their vehicle here in DK without paying tax 
and VAT because it is often cheaper, and then they take it to their new 
country and pay whatever tax and/or VAT is required there. The tax and 
VAT for vehicles here in DK is among the highest in the world, 
approximately 230% for motorcycles.

If I purchase the bike without paying tax and VAT paid I can go to the 
police and rent a temporary license plate for around 20 USD per day. 
This plate allows me to take the bike between my home and the workshop 
or any other location relevant to the bike. The tax authorities actually 
send people out to check the parking lots at football games, musical 
events, motorcycle rallys or any gathering in order to search for 
temporary license plates. If you get nailed using the temporary license 
plate for any non relevant purpose you will be required within 3 months 
to pay the full tax and VAT plus a fine twice that amount... - which 
would be around € 60.000 ($ 80.000)... =-O

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Bill Magitz skrev:
> so the question is much would it cost to ship one overseas , I mean for real the cost of the bike here in the US plus shipping can't be anywheres near 50k US dollars........could it?
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>> gvainfo wrote:
>>> no, but in france it will be €16k and 106hp.
>>> hmm.
>> In Denmark it will be 155 hp and the price is estimated to be 
>> around € 36.666 ($ 51.000) :-(
>> My wife is NEVER going to accept that...
>> Ped
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