Denver Laws

Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Sun Jul 22 17:01:36 PDT 2007

Your friend is correct.  Any bike manufactured after 1985 (not sure of 
the exact year) must have the EPA stamp on the mufflers or it's a $300 
fine.  Technically their law says 82db, but since it's too hard for them 
to measure they decided to do it this way.  The law has nothing to do 
with inspection, they can pull you over at any time if they even think 
you might be in violation.

It's already being challenged in court for several reasons, not to 
mention that a local attorney says a lot of Denver's cop bikes are over 
82db.  Problem is you're challenging a Denver law in Denver courts where 
the judges salary is paid by the city of Denver so I'd be willing to bet 
his challenge won't go far.

Personally, you couldn't pay me to live in Denver or the Peoples 
Republic of Boulder because of crap like this.  Not mention that Denver 
is the most anti gun city in Colorado by far.  I hate even driving 
through the damn place.

Charles S. - Who bought another gun safe today to store all the ones 
Denver won't let you own.  ;-)

Bill Magitz wrote:

> OK you Colorado guys help me out here. A guy I was riding with today said that Denver has passed
 > a law requiring all motorcycles to have OE exhaust pipes, I think he 
said at inspection. he swears
 > up and down that it is true and the law has been passed. no more 
aftermarket pipes no matter what
 > you're riding.  is this true ??

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