pain in the groin

David Beard davidebeard at
Mon Jul 23 11:27:24 PDT 2007

Hmmm, nickname??? Numb Nuts? :-P

Happens to me once in awhile too if my pants are too tight, or the old 
undies are in a bunch. Sometimes you don't notice right away and when 
you reach down to adjust, it's like nothing's there! =-O   Wonder what 
the cagers think when they see me riding by with a frightened expression 
on my face, smacking my nether regions. Wish I knew a fix for ya to try. 
I just try to wear my baggiest pants when I ride for extended periods.

Dave B

Dave Daniels wrote:
> Ok, this post may make a few chuckle, but I have a real question. Does anybody else have trouble with your groin (aka your nuts) going numb on the stock seat over a period of a half hour or more? Seriously, this is a problem for me.

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