Concours 14, part 2 (Heat)

Ped pedmail at
Wed Jul 25 15:59:07 PDT 2007

Do you remember when our GPZ was new? Many owners of brand new bikes 
brought this topic up on the list. I too was puzzled over the 
considerable amount of heat that hit my shin bones while riding. And 
then the 'problem' vanished as our bikes grew older. The excessive heat 
production is probably a result of tolerances that are on the tight side 
when the engine is new and the amount of heat decreases after a few 
thousand miles. My guess is it will be the same for the new Concours - a 
'problem' that will go away eventually.

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

schnowz skrev:
> - Heat from the bike. I rarely complain about anything.  Having said 
> that, the bike does give off some heat in the thigh area. Don't feel 
> it at my feet or above my waist. SOME heat.
> I certainly don't think it's bad BUT enuff for me to notice. ( I'll 
> just have to go faster ) :o) :o)

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