Southern Indiana Trip

Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at
Thu Jul 26 12:19:14 PDT 2007

To those who are going on the southern Indiana ride next month, (the weekend of Aug. 18 and 19) it would be a good idea to start thinking about lodgings. Dave Beard and I are staying at the Travelodge in Bloomington, IN. Here's their link:
  Another place to consider is the Days Inn. Here's their link:;_ylt=ApnKLrh47IE635jESQzNZooJ8b8F
  The prices for those two, for (3) nights are $199.80 for Travelodge and $207.43 for Days Inn. But to get that price at Days Inn, you must prepay without the option of changing or cancelling your reservations. If you don't prepay, tack on another $30. That's why Dave and I chose Travelodge. We've stayed at the Travelodge twice before, the last time being last year and, aside from beds that weren't very soft, it was fine. Didn't spend a lot of time there anyway.
  So, best get your reservations in while the gittin's good. We can arrange a meeting place later on. Please email myself or Dave Beard if you're going so we can have a rough head count. Thanks. Incidentally, Dave and I will be heading down there on Friday the 17th and heading home on Monday the 20th. Most likely, the most riding will be done on Saturday since I'm guessing that's the only day when Don French will be able to guide us. Tell me if I'm wrong Don. We can do some exploring on Sunday and maybe take in a couple sights somewhere, or whatever you want to do.
  Dave Daniels

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