1056 Miles on Saturday

Art Lischer alisch80 at mchsi.com
Tue Jul 31 05:45:23 PDT 2007

Congrats Dennis!  I did an SS1k back in '05.  Then it took about about 6 
months to get the confirmation package back from IBA.  Lately I've read 
on StN.net that its been taking longer.  So be patient getting your 
confirmation back. 

I have the new Avon Storm ST tires on now but only about 300 miles.  
Thing I like best so far is no weave on the front like the 45/46 
Azaros.  So far the grip and ride are excellent.  Wait and see on the 
mileage but my Azaros went about 8500. 

I have heard the Metz ME880 work good for high mileage.  I think Gpz 
owner Phil (don't remember his last name, maybe he is lurking) was using 
them with good results.

Art in DM

D Peterson wrote:
> Hey Gang,
> I have been thinking about it for a year or so, and on Saturday I 
> finally did it.  Took my first Iron Butt Assoc qualifying ride by 
> riding from ......
Recommendations for a high mileage tire?  My only real consideration is 
maximizing miles (since I am a cheap dude) and all I have tried seem to 
have more than adequate grip.  My best mileage was with the OEM 
Bridgestone BT54s. (10,000 miles Plus on the first two sets)  Second 
best has been Avon Azzaros at around 7500 miles.  Continentals & 
Bridgestone Battleaxe 020 gave me about 4500 miles each.
> Cheers
> Dennis P
> 95 RED
> Orem, UT USA
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