1056 Miles on Saturday

John Soliday johnsoliday at msn.com
Tue Jul 31 07:24:11 PDT 2007

That explains the mileage.  I'd like to get a GPS for my bike, but first I
need to find the time to take a trip ;-)


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GPS shows the driving average as 78 MPH.  We tried to hold about 90 MPH most
of the time.  The lower average on the GPS includes going thru small towns
on US 50 and following a Nevada High Patrol Car thru the twisties down into
Eureka Nevada.

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>Good job but 20mpg for the Honda?  That's terrible.  Also you must have 
>been cranking, what was your average mph, I would think a GPZ would do 
>better than 33 mpg highway trip.  Mine pushes 40 if I'm cruising.
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>Hey Gang,
>I have been thinking about it for a year or so, and on Saturday I 
>finally did it.  Took my first Iron Butt Assoc qualifying ride by 
>riding from Orem UT to Fallon NV and back.  > Fuel used: 32.11 U.S. 
>Gallons; MPG 32.9 (based on GPS mileage); Fuel cost $100.63.  Rear 
>tires consumed - 1; Highest temperature encountered 108 F
>(42.2 C).


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