1056 Miles on Saturday

Buehrle, Michael Michael.Buehrle at ottawa.ca
Tue Jul 31 07:59:02 PDT 2007

I borrowed my friend Dan's(known to some here as "Tequilla Dan")Honda VTX 1800 last weekend and got 20 miles/gal. riding 2 up.We stopped by lister Jim Mason's place. He doesn't just look the part of a Grandpa anymore, he really is one now.

Mike (and no, I don't want a cruiser now)

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Good job but 20mpg for the Honda?  That's terrible.  Also you must have been
cranking, what was your average mph, I would think a GPZ would do better
than 33 mpg highway trip.  Mine pushes 40 if I'm cruising. 

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Hey Gang,

I have been thinking about it for a year or so, and on Saturday I finally
did it.  Took my first Iron Butt Assoc qualifying ride by riding from Orem
UT to Fallon NV and back.  My brother and I left at 04:35 and finished at
23:25.  Nearly 19 hours.  We made frequent stops along the way for fuel,
since my brother's Honda Valkarie was getting about 20 mpg on the same size
tank as my GPZ.  I did not get as tired as I thought I might.  The Corbin
seat did a good job for me, and I came thru unscathed.  Statistics for the

Fuel used: 32.11 U.S. Gallons; MPG 32.9 (based on GPS mileage); Fuel cost
$100.63.  Rear tires consumed - 1; Highest temperature encountered 108 F
(42.2 C).

My RED GPZ has now surpassed the 60,000 mile mark.

Tires - I could not believe it when my rear Dunlop Sportmax D220ST started
showing cord in the very center of the tire about 1/3 of the way through the
ride.  I still had good tread and siping all the way around the tire.  The
steel cord showed on a strip about 1/2 in wide and about 12 inches long.  
Still had complete tread grooves on both side of where the cord was showing.

  I only had 3000 miles on the tire (worst ever for my GPZ).  Called all
around but no tire available on Saturday anywhere short of Reno SOOOO..... 
kept on truckin.

Recommendations for a high mileage tire?  My only real consideration is
maximizing miles (since I am a cheap dude) and all I have tried seem to have
more than adequate grip.  My best mileage was with the OEM Bridgestone
BT54s. (10,000 miles Plus on the first two sets)  Second best has been Avon
Azzaros at around 7500 miles.  Continentals & Bridgestone Battleaxe 020 gave
me about 4500 miles each.


Dennis P
95 RED
Orem, UT USA


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