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Fri Jun 1 21:42:01 PDT 2007

Well, here's the thing, it's a myth worthy of myth busters. Lets face the fact that
a thread is a wedge. nothing more, just that its heilcoiled shaped. If any decent
designer wanted to maintain the fastener, he'd use  tabs, cotters, lock or jam nut, (or lock-tight if you work for HD) are all better choices than a LH-fine Thread. My guess is in the olds day, some old timers called for the LH thd, cuz they just
didn't know any better. I have not removed the nut in question -yet, but,
I understand it is right handed.

What is more interesting is a nut can be lock in place and found to be loose
after a heavy vibrationtional use. Like on a crankshaft. You race guys might know this. The crest and the root of the threads create tiny welds and then crack, in effect wearing and widen the engagement area. 

If you followed that, you must be drinking Starbucks too! Oh! by the way,
Bubba use to say "whitey came to jail tighty and left loosey."
Geeze, I'm off to bed..... Ow! my head!
Be safe guys.
PS I think my chain tool is at the post office!

1KPerDay <1kperday at> wrote: Thanks for the specs, Art.

So Jerry... is the countershaft sprocket nut reverse threaded or not?
I'm getting confuzled.........

Imagine suddenly spinning the sprocket, as when accelerating from a
stop. The sprocket is connected to the shaft/is driven, but the nut
has inertia/wants to stay where it is.. i.e., stay still/resist
turning. So if the sprocket spins counterclockwise when the bike is
moving forward, and the nut is threaded normally, the nut wants to
turn clockwise in relation to the sprocket. Thus keeping it tight.

If it's reverse threaded my brain will explode.

On 6/1/07, Jerry Clair  wrote:
> Think of the old dodge (chargers etc) driver side rotors
> ...they were LH studs... or my fan at home, the nut that holds the blade. It's the inertia of the shaft or stud and
> the lack of it on the nut.

Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100

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