Two weeks till Durango!!

Art Lischer alisch80 at
Fri Jun 8 05:18:12 PDT 2007

The Iowa contingency will be rolling in on the 20th! Heated vest armed 
and ready!
Art In DM

scapco at wrote:
> Gents,
> Only two more weeks until Durango 2007 (or Silverton if you 
> prefer).   Our weather here yesterday and today reminded me 
> to remind all who are attending to bring your weather gear.
> We had hurricane force winds here yesterday and today and 
> heavy snow on the mountain passes.  While I'm not expecting 
> that kind of weather, we may hit rain and some cool temps 
> so bring your rain gear and a sweatshirt.  Silverton is at 
> 9,500 ft and once the sun goes down it gets fairly cool at 
> night to downright cold.  Be prepared, you were warned.  ;-)
> Charles S.
> 95
> GPZ1100

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