2" tall risers

David Beard davidebeard at comcast.net
Tue Jun 12 02:46:43 PDT 2007


    I've seen Dave's mechanical drawings for the risers and it's pretty 
awesome. He is a Mechanical Engineer, so he knows of what he speaks, so 
if you are on the fence about ordering up a set of these, I'd say take 
advantage of his expertise. I'm fairly happy with my Genmars, but I'm 
ordering a set anyway, as I could always use another inch or so ;-)

Dave B

Dave Daniels wrote:
> Folks,
>   I made a  mockup of the riser out of a 2" thick piece of wood and test fit it on the bike. It's all good. The handlebars clear the windshield and tank when turned to the extremes. The only cable/hose you will need to get longer is the front brake line. Probably about 2" longer than stock will do it. I currently have 4 guys interested and two who might be based on the above information. You two guys know who you are and can you please let me know for sure. Thanks. Anybody else interested? Like I said, they're 2" tall and move the handlebar back one hole spacing, which is 11/16". Basically, the top bolt hole bolts the riser to the frame and is counterbored so the bolt is underneath the handlebar. The middle hole goes through the handlebar and riser, into the bottom hole on the frame. The bottom bolt goes through the handlebar and bolts to a tapped hole in the riser. I made a slight change to the design today putting a chamfer on the top edge so the cables will not have an
>  abrupt change in directions. I've resubmitted to the machine shop for requoting. I will pass along that info when I get it. When I test fitted the wooden one, I even tried putting it on top of my gen mars, in essence making a 3" riser. It still works, except for the brake line as stated above. This really makes for an upright riding position and I think I may just do that on my bike. So, once again, anybody else interested? 

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