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In case there's any confusion on how the 2" risers bolt up, I've added a couple notes to the picture I sent out to clear that up. I haven't heard back from the machine shop yet on the final quote. I'm going to call them today and see what's up. I hope to put in the order for these by tomorrow, so if anybody else is interested in having a set, please let me know today. If you're still riding the fence because you're waiting for the final price, I'll hopefully let you know what that is later today. That is, if they tell me what it is by today. Also, to make things a little easier for you, if you are unsure of where to get a longer brake line, I would be willing to have some made up here and send them out with the risers. I would also include the crush washers required. I have no idea right this moment how much they would cost. I'll have to find out. But first, I need to go home tonight and measure the length of the stock hose in my garage and add a couple inches so I can tell
 them how long to make it. There's a place down the road from where I work that will make braided hoses in a few different colors. I was there one day and saw some samples. They have a cool looking red one as well as black and silver. There's a couple other colors too but I don't remember what they are. If I remember correctly, they're a little pricey though. I can also call Spiegler USA which is in town and see what they would charge to make up some lines. Be advised that I would only be providing the upper line going from the junction box mounted on front of the frame to the front brake master cylinder.
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