schnowz schnowz at
Thu Jun 14 18:21:36 PDT 2007

Well if the ol Geeper don't let me down I will.
Been having a few issues this week with the bike, work and loss in the 
family -  not to mention the wife called me yesterday from the roadside 
after her brake lines blew out.. They are all rusted to hell along with the 
gas lines - so there is now way I can fix it before I leave, so she's going 
to have to drive the other car with the leaking inlet manifold til i get 
     I gave the Geeper the annual cleaning tonight, so I don't wanna hear 
any bitchin Northrup..
Heading out Saturday and taking the twisty way there - til I get to Kansas 
that is..
Well maybe the rain will hold off without Jimbo Mason.. too bad you can't 
make it man..

   Pete Staniforth

> Anyone riding out there for this? Or are all you guys flying?
> Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
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> The motorcyclists guide to surviving the everyday world."
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