brake line for 2" risers

Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at
Fri Jun 15 09:57:58 PDT 2007

I intended to bring my stock front/upper brake line with me to work today so I could take it over to the Parker Hydraulics store to get a quote on making a longer line. But, I forgot it. I went over there anyway over lunch and asked for a rough estimate. 
  Of course he said, "It depends on what kind of ends are on it." I said, "Well, they're just like the ones on this line sitting here." (one on the counter) The stock line measured at about 12 or 13 inches, so I figured 16 inches long would do it. 
  He said, "Roughly, it would be around $30. The colors they have for braided are black, red, silver and green. They can also make up a rubber one if you want, which would be cheaper. I didn't ask how much though.
  My advice...if you only plan on replacing the upper line, but never the lower ones, just get'll be cheaper. But, if you think there's a slight chance you'll go completely braided, get the braided. I have a braided upper line because that's what came with the LSL kit I bought...and sold, but kept the line. 
  There's really no difference in the feel of the brakes with just the upper being braided because the lowers are still rubber and will still expand under pressure. 
  So, anyway, I just wanted to let those who may be interested in having me provide the brake line with your 2" riser,  have a general idea of how much it'll cost.
  I still haven't heard from the machine shop. Getting a little frustrated here.

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